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TEFL qualified, experienced teacher offers one to one English lessons for Italian and Portuguese speakers.

Now using the renowned Linguaphone method.

Why M&E?

Merces Castro

M&E English tuition offers online Skype courses for general, professional and business English.

Its founder, Merces Castro has more than 30 years’ experience in teaching English as a foreign language to Italian and Portuguese speakers. She ran ME Languages for nearly 15 years but has now decided to offer online tuition.

Merces also offers English lessons for children who speak Italian or Portuguese and would like to better their English. She currently has one young student from Portugal that is improving very well each week.

We use the most advanced technology to ensure our students have the best learning experience.

Don’t Settle For Less

Our Language Services

I just wanted to talk about our English courses and explain in more detail how they are structured.

Having more than 30 years of experience in teaching English to Portuguese and Italian speakers, and also with being fluent in all three languages – I am fully aware of the struggles and difficulties that students have to face when learning English. One reason being that Latin language structures are very different to English.

We now use the world renowned Linguaphone method and are pleased to be able to offer a discount of 60% on their published prices.

We are here to help with whatever your needs may be.

Please contact us to book a telephone conversation to discuss our courses further.


You learn better when you are relaxed and Merces friendly style will put you at ease


Merces has been teaching for 20 years and is professional as well as friendly


Your lessons are personalised specially for you so you learn quickly and easily.


I can enthusiastically recommend Merces to anyone who needs a similar flexible and focused approach to language learning.



Merces is an excellent teacher a real model to her students. She is very patient, professional and totally devoted to her students.

Federica, Italy


Merces is a teacher for all ages, very patient, friendly and follows her students’ progress not only during their school days but also throughout their lives.

Simone, Italy


If you study here, you will find friendship, knowledge, honesty and a perfect atmosphere. If you are looking for the best English instruction, first consider Merces. I will never forget the kindness shown me by her.

Alba, Brazil

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